I can't begin to tell you the number of homes that never get seen because clients jump to the conclusion that the outside of the home matches the inside of the home.  While that would be a good assumption about 50% of the time, it obviously is not a 100% accurate statement.  But, if you want more showings on your Tennessee or Georgia home, take a true look at the curb appeal of your home.  Does the home's exterior look clean and well painted?  Are the windows clean with no cracks and broken seals?  Are the shrubs and grass well manicured with no large voids? Are trees blocking the view of your home? How about toys or other objects laying around the front yard?  Too often buyers do drive-buys and eliminate the property based on this first impression.  So if you want more showings?  Spruce up the what will be the prospects first impression and you will probably see a marked increase in the number of showings and you know that more showings will provide more feedback and better offers!