In sports, the MVP is the Most Valuable Player, but in Real Estate MVP stands for Marketing, Value, and Price.  Simply put, that is the equation necessary to get showings and a contract.  Marketing is creating the communication network to let the public and the Real Estate Community know that your home is on the market and ready to show and sell.  But, it is also the clients responsibility (in cooperation with their agent) to make certain the home is 'show ready' which means the exterior and interior has been cleaned, de-cluttered, pruned, purged, and in most cases, painted to reflect a fresh, move-in ready appearance.  Professional grade pictures and visual tours are essential in getting the property exposed to the world.
However, the key to getting the contract is the relationship of the homes value and its price.  Once Value exceeds Price relative to the local market, you will definitely be in consideration for a contract.  Too many sellers Prrice their homes so far above the homes Value and then continue to reduce the Price over time to be more in-line with the homes Value.  Finally, the home sells because Value equals or exceeds the Price.  Marketing the property lets the community know that the home is on the market and ready to be seen.  Pricing the sellers home to the Market Value is critical in getting offers.  If the marketing is not done properly, no one gets to see the home.  It the price far exceeds the value, no one wants to see the home.  Make sure your property is an MVP property!